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Well, it’s been awhile. I haven’t blogged in I don’t know how long. I tried many times but never fully went through. 2017 is off to a speedy start and I decided that I need to get back in the game! As I thought about how I want to start again, I decided to start with one of my all time favorite weddings. To not blog this California wedding would be an injustice. Okay, that may be extreme but it definitely would be a sad thing.

I met Leah and Luigi when I put out a casting call for an engagement session. I had an idea in mind and they fit the look perfectly. They had recently gotten engaged and I hoped that they would end up booking me for their wedding. I was ECSTATIC when they did! I knew it was going to be amazing and that Leah would make a beautiful bride. Their wedding took place in Bass Lake, CA at the Pines Resort. It was so beautiful and right on the water. As I walked around taking in all of Leah’s hard work, I couldn’t help but be amazed. Her wedding was unlike any other I had shot. So many personal details and so unique! Everyone was so excited to watch these two join in marriage. They truly compliment each other in all the best ways. Leah tried to hold back her tears, Luigi couldn’t help but smile at the woman he loved. After the ceremony we snuck away and capture a few more Bride and Groom photos. These are by far some of my favorite bride and groom wedding images. I mean, two beautiful people, sunshine, and sand, what more can you want!?  The night went on with an adorable first wedding dance, Luigi taking his shirt off during toasts, and of course LOTS of dancing! I was having so much fun that I didn’t want to leave! It truly was an amazing wedding!


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Mr. & Mrs. Balsamo- Wedding Photographer

Well, it’s been awhile. I haven’t blogged in I don’t know how long. I tried many times but neverView full post »

Sacramento Senior Photographer- Kelly

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Styled Engagement Shoot- Leah & Luigi

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Wedding Photographer Chico California-Mr. & Mrs. Willison Wedding Preview

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Chico Couples’ Photographer- Nick & Cheyenne

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As a Sacramento Engagement Photographer, I meet many couples. Each couple has a new story, a different way of showing they love each other, and a different way of interacting with each other in front of the camera. Sometimes, couples need a little extra help loosening up in front of the camera, but this was not the case for Christian and Cynthia. They were so comfortable being themselves during out time together. There were many times I would begin to tell them my next idea and somehow they were already doing it, or doing something I loved even more. Being a Sacramento Engagement Photographer, I’ve had my fair share of funny or unusual things happen during my sessions. What happened during Christian and Cynthia’s session was probably one of my favorites. As we were about to leave out first location, a beautiful building on a winery, Cynthia saw a little baby bird all by itself! It seemed straight out of a storybook, the way she knelt down, and the little bird just hopped in to her hand. Cynthia, knowing about birds, knew this poor thing would most likely be abandoned and left to fend for itself, although way too young to survive alone, she took it along with us for the rest of the session. The little bird was so cute and just stayed right in the little nest she made it as we moved to each different spot. We finished the session in the beautiful rose garden at Chico State. Normally, I don’t use the university, but this was a special case. There whole engagement session will fit perfectly into their wedding in April 2015. I am SO excited for all of the decor and plans they have for their special day!
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This senior is very close to my heart, she happens to be my little sister. Since I already knew her so well, it was easy for me to decide the style of shoot I wanted to go towards. She is such an advocate about being true to yourself, embracing who you are, and  just doing what makes you happy. I think our session together represented those ideals. We first started off at a local Chico Ice Cream shop. I remember walking down from our mom’s house when we were really young, on a hot summer’s evening, and getting ice cream cones. There was a beautiful wall right across the street, that was covered in ivy. Afterwards we drove to old 32 and found a great tree for her to lie under. One of Kelly’s hobbies is reading, so she of course made sure to bring one of her all time favorite books, “The Catcher and the Rye”. I am so in love with the light from her shoot. I feel like it just soaked in to all of her images in the perfect way. Since the road is a very quiet one, we of course had to have a mini dance session, including twirling! Just before we headed back to the house, we stopped off at a beautiful location hidden within a neighborhood. There was a little stream flowing, big rocks, and beautiful greenery. It was truly the perfect way to end her session! Even though she graduated last month, I’m still so proud of her for all of her accomplishments! Good job sister!


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There is so much I could say about this amazing wedding at Newcastle Wedding Gardens. One thing I love about being a Sacramento Wedding Photographer is meeting new couples and learning about their stories. First thing, Ashley and Sam planned their wedding from out of state! It’s hard enough planning a wedding in the same town, so you have to be AMAZING to be able plan from an entirely different state. I was able to meet Ashley once before they booked me as their Sacramento Wedding Photographer. I didn’t have any other contact aside from texts/emails until about a month prior to their wedding, when we had a Skype date. I didn’t actually meet Sam in person until the day before their wedding! I was a bit worried there would be a little awkwardness at first, but Sam treated me just a like a friend. Although some Sacramento Wedding Photographers don’t like to photograph on holidays, I actually don’t really mind! It was 100% worth missing fireworks to be able to photograph their big day. Their wedding party was a blast to be around and the details Ashley put together were absolutely perfect. From her glittery table numbers, to the wildly unique bouquets. One thing I absolutely LOVED as a Sacramento Wedding Photographer, was being able to capture Ashley’s family. As most of Ashley’s friends know, she is adopted. It was truly an AMAZING experience being able to see not only her adopted family at her wedding, but also her birth family. I felt so honored to be able to capture those moments of Ashley having so much family and love surrounding her. That’s the thing about Ashley and Sam’s wedding, it’s main focus was love. Love between each other, their friends, and all of their family. Stay tuned for their full wedding blog coming soon, for now enjoy these sneak peeks!

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Sacramento Wedding PhotographerPINIMAGE

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Although I am a Sacramento Wedding Photographer, I still shoot weddings outside of the Sacramento area. Courtney and Geoff got married at the amazing Centerville Estates in Chico, CA. I was so excited to shoot this wedding because one, I’ve been really wanting to photograph a wedding at Centerville Estates, and two I KNEW Courtney was going to do an amazing job with all of the decor. Neither were a disappointment. As a Sacramento Wedding Photographer, I strive to work with clients who are going to put thought, detail, and personal touches in to their wedding. Courtney had some very beautiful personal touches in her wedding. One was the little wagon her son Hunter sat in as he went down the isle. It was hers when she was a child and her dad refinished it just for her wedding. This wedding was also personal to me because I knew quite a few people in the bridal party, and guests who attended. I was so honored to be the Sacramento Wedding Photographer that Courtney and Geoff chose to photograph their wedding. I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks and be sure to keep checking back for their full blog that will be coming soon!

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